Quality, capacity, logistics, production, technology:
PARTSBOARD is the web-based collaboration platform to reliably solve your issues in complex supply chains.

With PARTSBOARD, all supply chain partners work jointly and simultaneously on the solution of your supply chain issues. PARTSBOARD creates transparency in the project. It structures and documents the process and leads the team with powerful project management functions to success.

PARTSBOARD is the tool of choice:

  • Immediately usable
    No extensive project preparation needed
  • Web-based solution
    No tool installation necessary
  • Intuitive user-interface
    No training required

PARTSBOARD is driven by the three factors for successful projects:


Our industry-proven problem-solving process ensures result-driven work. The implementation of immediate actions helps to quickly mitigate the symptoms. In parallel the project team identifies the root causes. This quickly leads to sustainable measures which will be implemented to solve the issue once and for all.


The "Parts Navigator" guarantees the focus on the product. Within a structure tree it details and visualises the assembly under investigation down to the single part that needs optimization. Each part is tied to a team member. In the course of the project the "Parts Navigator" links the parts with the discussion entries, the root causes and the measures.


All team members work openly and jointly to reach the best possible solution. The joint creation of measures as well as the open exchange of ideas in blog-style discussion forums allow for great transparency. All team members are equal with the same rights and duties. Collusions and back room deals are reminiscences of the past.