PARTSBOARD has considerable potential for your company. We base this on our product and our 20 years of experience in consulting, industry, procurement, supply chain management, R&D, and production:


  • Considerable cost-reduction
    due to reduced internal effort, less travelling, and of course better solutions
  • High time-reduction
    due to collaborative working, strong focussing, and structured problem-solving process
  • Failure reduction
    due to transparency, elimination of partial interests, and identification of the root causes


  • Clarity on all open projects
    due to single platform, the "Start Board", and standardized milestone logic
  • Transparency along the supply chain
    due to collaborative, parallel work, and support of an open discussion culture
  • Same understanding along the supply chain
    due to mandatory milestone sign-off, and same level of information
  • Acceleration of part changes
    due to guided processes through projects, and alignment with all responsibles
  • Cost transparent solutions
    due to jointly created solutions, and alignment along the supply chain
  • Reduced product liability risks
    due to structured, documented analysis, and integration of all responsibles
  • Extended Quality Management
    due to 8D-Report, Six-Sigma considerations, and obligatory lessons learned
  • Holistic, top quality solutions
    due to the collaborative solution finding, and of course your great team

Test PARTSBOARD and confirm our expectations!